Information Theory Lab: Group

Long-term Visitors

Prism Himanshu Asnani is a reader at TIFR, Mumbai and an affiliate assistant professor at UW. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Information Theory Lab at UW, and before that, obtained his Ph.D. at Stanford University. Dr. Asnani is the recipient of 2014 Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Award, and was named a 2018 Amazon Catalyst Fellow. He was the recipient of Best Paper Award at MobiHoc 2009 and was also the finalist for Student Paper Award in ISIT 2011. His research interests include information and coding theory, statistical learning and inference and machine learning.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Prism Eugene Lin obtained his Ph.D. at University of Washington in signal processing. Dr. Lin was a Senior Director of Bioinformatics and Information Technology at Vita Genomics, Taiwan, before starting as a postdoc at UW. His research interests include computational biology and machine learning. He is currently at the UW Biostatistics department as a research scientist.

Doctoral Students

Prism Yihan Jiang is a Ph.D. student in UW ECE department, working with Professor Sreeram Kannan.His current research focus is at deep learning, machine learning, and channel coding. He was a finalist of Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2018. Prior to joining UW, he worked as system test engineering in Qualcomm, San Diego. He graduated from UCSD, California with M.S.E.E. Before that he was an undergraduate from Beijing Institute of Technology, China. He loves hiking, surfing, playing piano, playing basketball, Nightwish, and Japanese anime
Prism Shunfu Mao is a PhD student working on computational biology problems. Prior to this, he's been a system engineer in Samsung Electronics. He has obtained master degree in EE at Seoul National University in 2009, and bachelor degree in CS at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2007. He was the recipient of Samsung Global Scholarship in 2007. His current research interests include building practical software tools for genomic and machine learning problems. At leisure, he enjoys drawing pictures and reading stories with his little daughter.
Prism Sudipto Mukherjee obtained his Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) from University of Washington and his Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering from Jadavpur University in India. His research interests include machine learning and optimization with applications to Natural Language Processing. He is passionate about solving real-world problems that extend beyond conceptual thinking and has the potential to develop into a product. Hobbies include soccer, listening to music and writing poems and short stories. Fun fact : Dreams to visit 40 countries by the age of 40. Current count is 13 at the age of 26.
Prism Arman Rahimzamani received his BS degree from Isfahan University of Technology and his MS degree from Sharif University of Technolgy in Iran, both in Electrical Engineering, Communications Systems. He joined the Information Theory Lab at ECE dept of the University of Washington in 2016. His research interests include Information Theory, Conditional Independence Testing, Causal Inference, and Machine Learning. His leisure time is spent mostly working out at the gym, listening to/playing music, watching movies, and reading books/poems
Prism Bowen Xue is currently a PhD student at the Information Theory Lab. He graduated with a Masters from Electrical Engineering at UW. His research interests are in blockchain technology and computational biology. He previously worked on 802.11 MAC layer implementation on software defined radio and image segmentation for computer vision. He likes Classical music and reads novels and poetry.


Prism Sumit Mukherjee is currently a Data and Applied Scientist in Microsoft's AI for Good Lab, working on using AI to solve important social problems (specifically related to healthcare). He was previously a Research Scientist in the 'Neurodenerative Research' division of Sage Bionetworks. He completed his PhD in Computational and Systems Biology under the guidance of Dr. Georg Seelig and Dr. Sreeram Kannan. My dissertation title was "Learning and Inference with Single Cell Data". He collaborated closely with Dr. Su-in Lee (UW CSE and Genome Sciences) and Dr. Abhyudai Singh (UDel ECE/Math) for a couple of my computational projects. He have also worked on developing a pedestrian centered routing with Dr. Anat Caspi of the UW e-Science Institute.
Prism Kayvon Mazooji is currently a PhD student at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. He was previously a digital communications engineer in Los Angeles. He was a visiting researcher in 2015 at the Information Theory Lab where he worked on developing de novo RNA sequence assembler, Shannon, continuing on his research from UC Berkeley. He did his M.S. in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Los Angeles. His reseach interests include information theory and theoretical computer science.